That’s Life!!


Life is to laugh.

Life is to cry.

Life is good.

Life is bad.

Life is long.

Life is short.

Life is lightness.

Life is darkness.

Life is joy.

Life is sorrow.

Life is to grow.

Life is to narrow.

Life is to rise.

Life is to fall.

Life is succeed.

Life is to fail.

Life is positive.

Life is negative.

Life is to cherish.

Life is to neglect.

Life is life.

Life is death.

Life is nothing

But the opposites.

Last time when I went to the library, I read this poem. Unfortunately, I fail to remember the name of the poet. But I really wanted to share this beautiful poem with you all. So, this poem is not originally written by me, but some of the lines are added by me… So ENJOY! 😊



They be with you for a while
And bring on your face a broad smile.
A book can change many lives they say
So you cannot tell them nay!
They take you to your dreamworld
Where our deepest desires are unfurled
They teach you to laugh out loud
And make you feel special amidst a crowd.
They guide you in the darkest of hours
As they are very good friends of ours.
Sharing friendship with books cannot be
And also it cannot be guessed.

-The Anonymous